The Audubon Sessions

Memphis, TN

The Audubon Sessions is a house concert series in which artists are invited to this historic space to perform live music and reflect on their careers. The project aligns students with professionals in the fields of audio/video production, PR and marketing, event management, research, and community engagement. Students drive the series and are at the table during all phases of strategic development and production. Giving young, creative people a voice and the ability to think big and take risks has been a major factor in the success and development of the show.


Current Production Team

  • Phoebe Driscoll
  • Alexandra Greenway
  • Emily Burkehead

Current PR/Marketing Team

  • Ashley Dill
  • Erin Hisey

  • Jad Qaddourah

Current Research Team


  • Alice Fugate

  • Patrick Smith

  • Sean

Current Community Engagement Team


  • Ellie Sommerkamp


Special thanks to all who have made this project possible from the beginning: 

    Mike Curb • John Bass • Doug Easley • Sean T. Faust • Skyler Gambert • Molly Whitehorn • Sophia Osella  • Jakob Roya • Josh Beckemeyer • Brad Ellis •